bauroc LINTELS

bauroc LINTELSĀ are intended for bridging the gap of an opening. The lintels have a steel frame inside that guarantees its load capacity. The lintels are manufactured from 1.2 to 6 m long and correspond to the width of the blocks and their height is 200 mm, 400 mm or 600 mm.
The load capacity of the lintels is contingent on the measurements and goes up to 30 kN/m. We also offer non-bearing lintels with a width of 100 mm that can be used in non-bearing walls built from bauroc ELEMENT partition wall blocks. As the lintels are made of autoclaved aerated concrete, they prevent thermal bridges in the external walls and it is not necessary to provide additional thermal insulation. The finishing work (filling and plastering) is simplified considerably, thus there are no material transitions.