Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Bauroc is the first manufacturer of building blocks in the Baltics to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) issued.

The purpose of environmental declarations for construction materials is to provide a specific, numerical assessment of the environmental impact of materials, the so-called CO₂ footprint, throughout the life cycle of construction materials, from production to recovery and disposal. The environmental impact indicators calculated for construction materials and published on EPD certificates are necessary for conducting LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) assessments of buildings that meet the requirements of green certificates (BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc.), i.e., for assessing the environmental impact of buildings.

The environmental impact of Bauroc products is declared in kg CO₂ equivalent per cubic meter of product (kg CO₂e/m³). Calculations were performed by LCA analysis method according to international standards EN 15804: 2012 + A2: 2019, ISO 14025 / ISO 21930. The environmental impact assessment was performed by LCA expert Anni Oviir and the correctness of the results has been confirmed by independent experts.

As a result of the environmental impact assessment, we confirmed our conviction that environmental friendliness and a low CO₂ footprint are the strengths of aerated concrete as a unique building material. The low environmental impact is due to the sourcing of basic raw materials in the immediate vicinity of the plant, as well as the light weight of the products and thus the low consumption of extracted raw materials compared to other, many times denser building blocks.

Environmental declarations issued for Bauroc blocks and reinforced products (lintels, panels) are published by the verified EPD registrar The Building Information Foundation RTS sr. on the website https://cer.rts.fi/en/rts-epd/. Copies can also be downloaded from Bauroc’s website at https://bauroc.ee/sertifikaadid/epd-sertifikaadid/