Bauroc is the largest producer of aircrete i.e. autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) products in Northern Europe.

The family-owned group, established in 2001, has a yearly turnover of 60 million euros and 220 employees across four countries.

Bauroc operates three state-of-the-art AAC factories, one in each Baltic country, and a calcium silicate factory in Lithuania. The company sells its AAC products in the Baltic and Nordic countries, but also in Iceland, Poland, Germany and Switzerland under “bauroc” and “roclite” brand names. Calcium silicate units (CSU) are sold under the ”silroc” brand.

The company has shown continuous progress in product development, significantly diversifying its product mix over the years. Initially focusing on a narrow selection of light aircrete products, Bauroc’s portfolio now includes a broad array of block products, reinforced lintels, roof and wall panels, instruments, dry mixes, and installation accessories.

Our identity and brand name “bauroc” reflects the large portfolio of building materials produced from AAC. “bauroc” products can be used everywhere in construction – from private houses to multistory, agricultural, and industrial buildings. The name “bauroc” combines “bau,” meaning “construction” in German, with “roc,” signifying that all our products are made from ecological stone material.

In addition to manufacturing AAC and CSU products, Bauroc also offers the delivery and assembly of stone house packages under the JÄMERÄ brand. JÄMERÄ is a functional and energy-efficient stone house concept built from AAC products and tailored to the Nordic climate, providing an exceptionally healthy indoor environment. Established in 1974, JÄMERÄ is the oldest and most sold stone house brand in Finland.

Bauroc is a proud, long-standing member of the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA).

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